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Things to Know About Boarding Your Cat

At The Mod Cat Hotel, your pet's comfort and safety is most important.  Here is some information about room and board.


Food & Water Bowls / Plush Cat Beds / Private Litter Box & Litter. 



We feel that changing your cat's diet can lead to problems. We ask for you to provide the food your cat is accustomed to eating along with feeding instructions.  If you forget or if your cat runs out during their stay, we will provide the house kibble and notify of a potential added expense.

Feel free to bring your cat's favorite toy or something that smells like you to make them feel more comfortable.  Please label your cat stuff so we can be sure to get it back to you at the end of the stay.


There cannot be any exceptions to this rule.  Fleas can survive indoors, even in the winter.  Fleas are pretty easy to prevent by using effective flea control.  If you haven't already done so, please let us know and we can apply "Cheristin for Cats" upon check-in for your cat's protection for $15. 



Our cat suites are cleaned & sanitized throughout the day. Are you boarding more than one cat? Suites with connecting doors are available. See the "Info" page for more details.  



We make it a priority for our cat guests to have as much time as possible outside their suites.  Depending on your cat’s needs and owner requests, your cat will have access to the Mod Cat’s open play area during designated “Free Range” times.  Exercise is important.  During the activity sessions, we use interactive toys such as tunnels, lasers, and toy mice and birds to get your cat up and moving.  We also believe in the power of touch.  Cuddle time is abundant, depending on your cat's likes.  Often, our cat guests like to play with each other during "free range" time.  After confirmation with the pet owner, and under strict supervision, introductions are made.  If there is no aggression displayed, guests are allowed to mingle and play.  Group play time is always monitored.


Prior to checking in, all owners are required to provide a current copy of each cat's vaccination records.  


The mandatory vaccinations are:  Rabies and FVRCP.


Some veterinarians do not recommend a particular vaccine for cats.  If that's the case for your kitty, we require a written and signed statement from your veterinarian confirming absence of disease and a confirmation of the recommendation.  Please submit this statement to us before bringing your pet to the the Mod Cat Hotel.  If you arrive with outdated or insufficient documentation, we will, unfortunately, be unable to accommodate you.  This is for the health and safety of all our guests, as well as your own pet.


If you do not have a copy of your pet's record, you can ask your veterinarian to email the current vaccination record to



All pet guests over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered. 


Though we would like to accommodate everyone, perhaps you should consider boarding with your veterinarian if you have much older cats or if s/he is disabled or considerably ill.


We require our feline guests to arrive and depart in a suitable

cat carrier you supply. Please put your pet's name on their food, carrier and other items you want to come back with you. 

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