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Our Boutique Cat Accomodations

Mod Cat Hotel offers quality overnight accommodations for your pet.  Our custom cat suites have multiple living levels, featuring private sleeping and feeding floors, and a secluded litterbox section. A large play room allows all cats to have scheduled "free range" exercise time, lots of attention and cuddling. You choose the level of activity and interaction.  Whether your cat is a wall-flower or the life of the party, we will make sure your feline has as much of an enjoyable, stress-free experience as possible.

Would you ever book a room at a hospital for lodging on a vacation?  Then why board your cat at the Vet?  Mod Cat Hotel owner, Kathleen, wanted to offer a cat-only boarding space that would be as easy for feline guests and their owners.  The Mod Cat Hotel is situated in a modern, secure building on Kathleen's Oakland Hills property, separate from the residence.  Kathleen is committed to providing safe, comfortable boutique-style lodging for cats while their owners are away for work or vacation.  Whether for a day, a week or longer, trained Mod Cat Hotel staff offer professional, safe and optimal care services to their feline guests in a clean, secure and fun environment.


For safety and security, we request all visits be scheduled.  Give us a call and we will make arrangements!

Please contact us by email or phone to receive more information and to check reservation availability.

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